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My Fitness Platform is your very own online training education platform.

The aim of this site is to provide you with the best quality information out there, based around the latest science and to put some of the best minds in the industry in front of you to deliver information that you know you can trust.

The coaches/ educators are all highly experienced individuals with formal education and qualification and all actively pushing the industry forwards in their respective fields!

We will cover all kinds of topics in regards to your training, nutrition, movement and injury prevention, also giving you the ability to tell us what information you want with the comments sections in the posts and through the ideas box. I can then get Q&A sessions set up to answer all of your questions and also get special guests in that you wish to hear from.

In an industry with so much confusion, where fancy marketing has exceeded most people’s ability to deliver, our goal is to give you a resource where you know the information is accurate and legitimate, and teach you how to look at things in regards to your own personal context, so you can sculpt your workouts and nutrition for your own personal circumstances instead of just following the crowd!

Exercise Library

Featuring over 100 exercise tutorials showing you how to execute each movement accurately and effectively.

The Fitness Industry Has a Problem..

Understanding Exercise

Most people know what a squat is, but that's not good enough.
Do you know how to manipulate a movement to increase or decrease quad involvement?
Do you know how to manipulate an exercises resistance profile to make each rep more effective?
Do you know how to progress or regress an exercise based on an individuals capabilities?
Where should you position the bar?
How does height affect it?
Do we all have to squat ''ass to grass''?

Understanding Movement

Most people just throw some stretching in and hope for the best. This is not good enough.
So you have got tight hamstrings huh?

How do you know?

Because you're stretching them and they feel tight? Why are they tight in the first place?

Do you think your pelvis position could have anything to do with it? if so, how are you going to go about influencing it?

This is where our discussions come in.

Understanding Fat Loss

Most people eat less food and do more cardio then hit a wall. This is not good enough.
So you've been told you need a calorie deficit for fat loss yeah?

That's a good starting point. However this won't take you all the way there. Not one bit.

Do you understand how stressors impact the body?
How sleep impacts fat loss?
What to do when fat loss stops and you are already eating low calories and doing more cardio than ever?

This is where we can be of assistance.

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About Me

My name is Matt Seaman.

I’m an IOPN Performance Nutritionist & Physique transformation coach based in S20 Sheffield. I am a studying Performance Nutritionist with a passion for movement and biomechanics.

I have been running my personal training business for the last 7 years now face to face and online successfully helping hundreds of people reach their goals, from dropping 60+ lbs of bodyweight, to getting people on competitive bodybuilding stages, helping professional boxers make weight for title fights, all the way to rehabilitation of ACL reconstruction and knee replacements, so you could say I have worked with a decent variety of people with a variety of different needs/ goals.

My education in this field has come from many peers and mentors over the years, from mentorship programmes, seeking out professionals to book skype calls with, attending around 10 seminars or so per year, along with my formal qualification being in Performance Nutrition, precision Nutrition and Personal Training. So i do try to keep up to date with my information!

One of the things that really stands out to me in this industry, is the apparent need for further understanding of the underpinning principles and how to actually apply  them by the majority of fitness professionals and gym participants.

This platform will teach you everything you need to succeed in your journey over time.

My goal for this platform is for you to have much more than a personal trainer. I will provide you with information that you wouldn’t be able to get paying £200 per month to a PT, for a much cheaper cost delivered by legitimate experts in their field.

We don’t do quick fixes, no 6 week promises, no fads fuelled by motivation, just good old education and the support you need in practising and applying it.

I want this to be your go-to resource for  exercise execution, nutrition, injury prevention and rehabilitation, biomechanics and even psychology. Here we understand that everything has a place and must feed into the bigger picture, the rest of your life.

I aim to bring many professionals of which I have sculpted my own education with over the years right here to teach you too. So digest the content, please comment and ask questions, and remember to let me know what you want to learn so i can cater specifically for you!

We hope you enjoy the online training & education!


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We've added answers to the most common questions below, however, if you need to ask something different or need more detail
do not hesitate to get in touch

Do i get nutrition / training plans with this site access?

Not plans themselves exactly. My Fitness Platform aims to provide the best quality service;

Those type of plans would need to be specifically tailored to the individual, which would be pretty hard to do on a platform like this!
However, that being said i will give you a 20% discount on my personal tailored plans for being a member of the platform – how about that!

How often will new content be uploaded to the platform?

My Fitness Platform is going to be evolving for some time and this is just the beginning, so new content will absolutely be uploaded on a weekly basis for the foreseeable future, along with plans to expand the site and add more and more function!

New videos and articles will be uploaded weekly, your personal questions will be answered in regular Q&A sessions, i will also get guests in here to do Q&A sessions for you too so let us know who you want to feature and i will set up a chat with them!

Am i tied into a contract or can i cancel anytime?

You can absolutely cancel anytime, no sticky 12 month contract!

– one thing i would love though is for you to give us feedback on why you wish to cancel so that we can evolve and grow!

Do i get discount for purchasing quarterly or yearly?

Yes! We value your loyalty and apply discounts to the quarterly and even more for yearly package.

You will be saving money this way AND as the site grows, so will your value for money, so whatever price you pay initially there will always be MUCH more content by the end of the quarter, and HUGE progressions for the site over the year.

Can i calculate my calories on here?

Yes you can, there is a video on calculating calories which has a calculator you can just pop your details in to , and if you have any questions then put it in the comment box below and i will answer that for you.